Principal's Page


Natalie Page
High School Principal
School Phone:  (618)625-5105, Ext. 117

Natalie Page is the principal at Sesser-Valier High School.  This is her fifth year as SVHS Principal.  Prior to that, Mrs. Page taught at Sesser-Valier Elementary School for 18 years.

Mrs. Page is married to her husband, Brian, and they reside in Sesser with their two children and their dog, Shooter. In her free time, Mrs. Page loves to read, walk, and hang out with her family.

Mrs. Page's Education:
*Bachelor of Science (Elementary Education ) - Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (1996)
*Master of Science (Education) - Indiana Wesleyan University (2000)
*Master of Science (Educational Administration) - Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (2014)

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Special Recognition:

  1. Youth & Government – February 27 – March 1

                                      i.    The Assembly brought together over 1000 students from across Illinois.

                                    ii.    Matthew Thery served as the 71st Illinois YMCA Youth Governor. Matt was elected last year and was sworn in during this Assembly. He is the first Governor from the south since 2005. Matthew used Governor Pritzker’s office for the weekend and met with legislators and the press. He gave multiple speeches and formed committees to tackle issues facing the youth. He did an absolutely amazing job and was complimented by many delegates and their advisors.

                                   iii.    Gillian Lemons served as a Committee Chairperson, Brooklyn McKee was an election supervisor, Jasmine Castillo served in the House of Representatives as Clerk of the House, while Nate Ragland served as Sgt At Arms of the House.

                                   iv.    Carlie Page was the top vote getter in the state and was elected as Speaker of the House. Carlie was President of the Senate last year and we have never had an SV student win both offices before.

                                     v.    Audrey Gulley was elected as President of the Senate as a junior.

                                   vi.    Our school got three bills signed into law. One Bill, written and delivered by Derek Sample, Matthew Galloway, Caleb Qualls, and Silas Mays, increased the penalties for vehicle collisions with farm equipment. Another Bill Group, consisting of Montana Packer, Peyton Bates, Maddie Bulla, and Garrett Gunter, made vaccines mandatory in order to attend public school. That group also successfully defended their bill in front of the Supreme Court during a judicial review hearing. And lastly, a group made up of Carson Latta, Logan Kirk, Gabe White, and Tanner Eubanks requires NCAA schools to allow their athletes to sign endorsement deals or sponsorships with no penalties.

                                  vii.    We had 46 kids participate out of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes (this is a little less than 1 out of every 3 students joining Youth and Government). We already have many students planning on running for Illinois offices next year.  This many accolades is not something you see at other schools and is a testament to how hard these kids work and how serious they are about this program.

    b.    Chorus Solo and Ensemble Contest IHSA Music Contest; Carbondale High School; March 7, 2020

                                      i.    Elizabeth WilderVocal Solo- 2nd Place

                                    ii.    Maggie Stacey-  Vocal Solo- 1st Place

                                   iii.    Madison Caraker- Vocal Solo- 2nd Place

                                   iv.    Emma Spence- Vocal Solo- 1st Place

                                     v.    Sydney LewisVocal Solo- 1st Place (Best of the Day Award)

                                   vi.    Emma Spence & Sydney Lewis- Vocal Duet- 1st Place

                                  vii.    Deanna Bollinger, Elizabeth Wilder & Maggie Stacey- Vocal Ensemble- 1st Place


    c.     FFA

                                      i.    Placed 2nd overall at the Poultry Judging Contest on February 26th;   Derek Sample placed 4th, Chloe Ragland placed 5th, and Anna Kistner placed 8th 

                                    ii.    FFA Week (March 2nd – 6th) daily activities were a huge success such as dress-up days, the milk chugging contest, and the hay bale tossing contest

    d.    Scholar Bowl 

                                      i.    The Varsity Scholar Bowl team placed second at the Masonic Tournament in Cobden on February 15. They worked as a team and won some very tough, close matches.

                                    ii.    The participating members were Gillian Lemons, Gabe White, Carson Latta, Derek Sample and Audrey Gulley. Jessi Senior, Maddie Burgess and Georgia Ort also offered support and assistance. These kids were willing to give up a Saturday and leave the school at 6:30 in the morning to participate.

                                   iii.    This tournament has difficult questions and a different format than a normal tournament or meet. Second place is awarded $300 for the team, as well as a plaque and individual medals. They will play a regional tournament on March 9. 

    e.        Egyptian Region Illinois Principal’s Association Breakfast

                                                       i.      Held on March 5, 2020; 7 Counties Represented

                                                     ii.      Gillian Lemons and Carlie Page were recognized for high academic achievement in rigorous coursework, leadership, and strong moral character

    f.      ICTM Regionals 2020 Summary

                                      i.    Freshmen:    Individual: Hudson Stubblefield 1st; Team:  2nd

                                    ii.    Sophomore: Individual: Maggie Stacey, Gabe Woolsey, Maura White tied for 2nd,  Eli Schoenbachler 1st;  Team: 1st 

                                   iii.    Junior:     Individual: Jessi Senior 3rd, Derek Sample 1st;  Team:  1st

                                   iv.    Senior:     Individual: Katie Galloway, Carlie Page tied for 3rd, Montana Packer 2nd, Ryker Kiselewski 1st;  Team: 1st

                                     v.    Freshmen/Sophomore 8 Person, Junior/Senior 8 Person and Calculator all 1st

                                   vi.    Freshmen/Sophomore 2 Person (Emma Spence and Eli Schoenbachler): 2nd 

                                  vii.    Junior/Senior 2 Person (Derek Sample and Ryker Kiselewski): 1st (Highest Score in the State)

                                 viii.    Oral Presentation Team (Maura White and Montana Packer): 1st

                                   ix.    Team: 1st   (2nd Highest in the State; Highest by any public school by over 100 points (611 points for SV compared to 495 for Oblong))