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Superintendent's Blog (SV196)
The Superintendent's Blog is managed/moderated by SV196 District Superintendent Jason Henry.  Comments regarding blog content should be directed to Mr. Henry by e-mail at [email protected]  Thank you for your feedback!

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Last Saturday night, the SV196 community and Southern Illinois lost another gentle giant when Jim Kelly passed from his abundant life here to Heaven's hereafter.  Mr. Kelly was one of the first non-school people to welcome me to Sesser 9 years ago, and I never forgot it.  Over that period of time, I appreciated his friendship & quick wit, coupled with keen insight & pure compassion.  Jim & I would cross paths 4-5 times per year at ballgames, community events, and at school meetings.  You see, Jim served on the District's Distinguished Alumni Committee, the group that annually selects high school alumni for recognition based on character, example, and achievement.  His commitment to keeping positive role models out in front of today's young people was unfaltering.  All the while, Jim was setting a standard himself as a positive role model as he quietly served people, one of the trademarks of his life. The mark that Jim Kelly has left on his family, church, community, and other individuals, including me, can't be undone.  Jim's legacy is beautiful, and we would be wise to take notice--the world needs more people like Jim Kelly.
Posted by jason.henry  On May 06, 2014 at 11:42 PM
It happened again…after today's IHSA Class 1A State 3rd/4th place game, Wes & I once again had the privilege of sitting down with our Devils (this time, the SVHS basketball team) for a team dinner and time together before making the trip back to Southern Illinois tomorrow morning.  We had a similar experience 2 years ago with the SVHS Cheer Squad, a memory I won't soon forget. Of all of the privileges that come with serving as a school administrator, there's nothing that comes anywhere close to spending quality time--meaningful moments away from the hustle & bustle of school--with SV students and their families where, if only for a few minutes, we're like one big family that celebrates together, laughs together, and hurts together.  Moments when the perpetually tough "game face" can come off and the smiles, laughs, and tears show the personal touch that is in each of us etch the faces of kids, parents, and colleagues in our memory for a lifetime.  Books, finances, accountability, education reform and procedures take a backseat to relationships, life lessons, and encouragement.  SV196 is different…in a good way. I had my "unfiltered moment" about a week ago outside NCOE High School.  Almost everyone was gone from the gym, and the bus was about to pull away to make the return trip to SVHS.  Players, cheerleaders & coaches were loading the bus.  As our team wrapped up another successful night, a quote that I recently heard came to mind…"not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted" (William Bruce Cameron, 1963).  All of the accountability measures, audits, test scores, survey results, and yes, even ballgame scores, can't capture the essence of success.  Why?  Because no method can measure the satisfaction of heart & mind.  That night, outside NCOE High School, hearts & minds were satisfied, needs were met, and a team was strengthened.  I had a second "unfiltered moment" this morning inside Carver Arena as I watched the Devils pass through a tunnel of fans, friends, and families that were roaring cheers and applause for our champions as they embarked on today's task.  As I looked over my left shoulder to Wes, I saw tears in his eyes, too.  The power of the moment engulfed both of us simultaneously.  SVPride had done it again--like an old-time preacher used to say--it "got all over us." One thing is certain…something special is happening at SV196, and I saw it again tonight.  What a great day to be a Red Devil!
Posted by jason.henry  On Mar 17, 2014 at 5:05 PM