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Mission Statement

The Sesser-Valier Community Unit School District's mission is to provide a superior educational environment so that every child is educated and graduates with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to achieve significant career, educational, civic, and personal goals which will generate confident, productive, and responsible citizens.

District Goals (view district goals here)

In June, 2010, Sesser-Valier Community Unit School District No. 196 began a process designed to establish a long-term district strategic plan.  On Saturday, March 19, 2011, thirty-two (32) community members, parents, district staff members, and board members gathered in the SVHS Commons Area to participate in a new, formal goal-setting activity for the school district.  The full-day Saturday session resulted from the June, 2010, board self-evaluation study, in which the goal-setting session was recommended.

board goal sesssion 3-19-11

Larry Dirks & Patrick Rice, Field Service Representatives for the Illinois Association of School Boards, facilitated the day's activities.  Mr. Dirks, a former Central Illinois farmer, and Dr. Rice, a former Mt. Vernon building principal, offered their expertise in school district strategic planning and practical school operation to session participants, leading the group to formulate short-term activities that were designed to lead to long-term district goals.

The day's session highlight was Mr. Dirks' emphasis that "goal-setting is a process, not an event."  This theme, in conjunction with a great group of participants, put the necessary, additional work over the next few months in perspective.

The district's school board embarked upon the goal-setting process in an effort to reach out to the school district community, seeking a wide range of feedback, ideas, and constructive criticism in order to improve school & district operations.  The board is committed to continually improving the district and its schools, focusing on student learning as the priority.

Sesser-Valier Community Unit School District No. 196 is an active member of the Illinois Association of School Boards, the statewide association that services school district boards.  The Association, with offices in Springfield & Lombard, provides field services, policy services, limited legal services, and advocacy services on behalf of school districts.