Distinguished Alumni Awards
In the spring of each year, the District's Distinguished Alumni Committee reviews nominations of district graduates for the District's Distinguished Alumni Award.  The Committee considers nominees' career success, community service, and exemplary life characteristics, among other qualities, and determines if a nominee should be recognized as a Distinguished Alumnus.  Award recipients are recognized during the Sesser-Valier High School graduation ceremony.

Past recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Award include the following:

Jim Muir (2023)
William Rodney Cabaness (2022)
Jeremy Shad Zimbro (2022)
Carroll Kelly (2021)
Thomas Mygatt (2019)
Randall R. Crocker (2018)
Max Crain (2017)
Stephen J. Boyd (2016)
John D. Cavaletto (2015)
Harl Ray Lewis (2014)
Evan Sink (2014)
Burton Crocker (2013)
Jerry Jones (2012)
Roy O. Gulley (2011)
George Slankard (2010)
Everett K. Thompson (2009)
Barbara Brown (2008)
Robert Kirkpatrick (2007)
Arnold Wingo (2006)
Claude Lewis (2005)
Martin Buchanan (2004)
Jimmy Owens (2004)
George (Ted) Farmer (2003)
John "Jack" Fornear (2003)
Dr. Timothy O'Brien (2002)
Mildred Fitzgerrell (2002)
Billy Grammer (2001)
Wayne Fitzgerrell (2001)
Joe Vercellino (2000)
James Robert Fornear (2000)

Distinguished Alumni Award nominations can be submitted to District Secretary Vera Malinee via U.S. Mail (Sesser-Valier CUSD #196, 4626 State Highway 154, Sesser, IL 62884-2277), e-mail ([email protected]), fax ((618) 625-6696), or in person at the Sesser-Valier High School office.  Please click this link to the nomination form to begin the process of submitting a nomination.  If you have questions about the Distinguished Alumni Award or the nomination process, please contact District Secretary Vera Malinee at (618) 625-5105, Ext. 105.